Saturday, November 30, 2013

William Lately

  • Still around 30 lbs.
  • Between 8-9 shoes
  • 2T-3T underwear!  He wears diapers or pull ups during naps.  We went to Meme's for Thanksgiving (2 hours) and he kept his pull up dry the entire time.  He wakes up almost every morning dry.  He has beyond impressed us with his potty training.  
  • 2T jeans/pants.  He prefers sweat pants due to the ease of pulling them up and down.  He can wear some 3T but they have to be rolled up at least once.
  • 3T shirt and jackets.
  • Talks a bunch!  William has an amazing memory.  He will randomly bring up things that happened months ago.  
  • Favorite food is a burger.  Loves milk.  Gummies and MMS!  He always eats well at school which is home cooked meals.  William will eat a can of olives over a meal.  Some days he will eat all day and others not much at all.  The doctor was not worried when he went in sick because his weight is in the 60th percentile.  That shocked me because his waist is tiny.  
  • I think he will be great with Hannah.  He talks about holding her, kissing her, sharing with her, etc.  
  • William plays with his kitchen, cars, IPAD, and grocery cart. He also likes to carry bags around with his stuff in them.  He has also found pockets on his clothes and hides things in them.  
  • William counts to ten with us and will count out of order on his own.  Says alphabet with us.  Still working on colors.  
  • Just a quick update on our bud.  He is an amazing blessing and we do not know what we did before he came into our lives.  

Friday, November 15, 2013

One Week Later: Potty Training

  William has beyond impressed us with potty training.  I'm not sure if we waited until he was the perfect age (33 months) or what but he's been great!
  He only had one accident at school this week and even started standing up to tee tee.  I will say that makes it pretty messy and I'm constantly getting a Clorox wipe out for the floor. 
  He pooped last night after not going since Tuesday.  William has had trouble with pooping since infancy.  The only time he gets frustrated is when he wants to poop and can't go.  He has pooped in the potty twice today without any fits or prompting! 
  The only other issue is waking up in the morning.  He will say he needs to tee tee but then refuses to get on the potty.  He pitches a big fit then usually goes in diaper.  Since he is doing so well I know he will catch on to going first thing in the morning.  The plus is he wants the diaper off right away after going and before we started this it did not bother him.  
  I am proud of him and also a big thanks to his school!  His teacher has been on board since Day 1! 

Monday, November 11, 2013

32 Weeks Preggo Update

  • Weight gain: 24 lbs. as of Monday's appointment.
  • I feel pretty good but my belly is beginning to get in my way.  I say this because it is getting harder to play with William on the floor, sit in his chairs, etc.  
  • Heartburn was bad last weekend and I think it's here to stay! I do have to use the potty a lot (like every half hour) during the day.  Sleep is not easy.  My back hurts when I initially go to bed and it takes some moving around to get comfortable.  Also, I do not breathe as easy when I am in the bed.  All in all I am doing great.  So great in fact I am potty training the bud and after the first two days I have to feel good to do that all day. 
  • William still knows "sissy" is in my belly and calls her by name without any prompts.  He talks about sharing with her when she comes home.  I think he will be a great big brother.
  • As for the gestational diabetes the doctor does not know why I failed the test.  I told her it was high (140) after lunch last week and she said that is not even that high.  She is allowing me two weeks before coming back. Yay.  I also confirmed that even though she is measuring great and my sugar is good I can still get an ultrasound.  She said 36 weeks!  That is only 4 weeks away and I am so excited to find out the weigh estimate.  
  • The nursery?  Nope.  Funny with your second child the nursery is not near as important.  We have all the bedding and crib ready.  William will be in there in the twin bed until my in laws leave so Hannah will be with us for a while.  I will get the pack n play set up after Thanksgiving which is all I need upstairs.  
  • I am looking forward to my family shower on Thanksgiving and a work shower in early December.  So blessed!  After these I will be able to determine exactly what else we need to keep Hannah content when she comes home in January.  I say January but if she is like her big brother we will see her late December. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 2: Potty Training

  Well again all of the details of the day went by in a blur.  Potty training is tough stuff people!  William only had one accident but the good news is he stopped himself and finished on the potty.  Again we had no poop today which is concerning mainly because he has issues with constipation.  I hate to give him Miralex and send him to school in underwear.  I am taking him to school tomorrow before my doctor's appointment and I am hoping they will be on board with me.
  I plan on taking several jeans and underwear for the day.  If they stay on him (at least 2x on potty per hour) I do not think they will see accidents.  William was going on his own today and is able to pull his pants up and down.  He has impressed me this weekend.  I wish I had a few days off to continue this at home but we will make it work.
  All in all it was a good day until I noticed he was eating lots of candy.  He would go pee, eat candy, then immediately pee again for more candy.  This evening I told him he had to poop for candy and all hell broke loose.  He refused to leave the potty because he wanted the candy.  I honestly do not think he needed to poop so this was never going to work.
  Finally, I had to stop the madness before I broke down and cried with him.  I put on his pull up and took him to bed.  I keep thinking he hates me right now but he wanted me to hold him before he got in bed.  As I was holding him he rubbed my cheek which was just what I needed after a long weekend.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

And Day 1: Potty Training

We were up before 6 and put the big boy underwear on (with candy of course).  The day is a blur but I did keep track of accidents: 4.  However, he never pooped in potty or pants.  Maybe that will happen tomorrow.  
The worst part was after his nap which he wore a diaper and I made him take off when he woke up!  William was very mad and asked for his diaper for at least 20 minutes.  Finally after calming down he had an accident.  
I pretty much kept him on potty every half hour or less.  That part was exhausting for both of us.  He has started going in the bathroom alone and pulling down underwear.  
I think we are headed in the right direction.  Keep us in your prayers as we head into tomorrow.  Thanks.  

Long day and he'd rather hold the treats and toys then pick one!