Saturday, November 30, 2013

William Lately

  • Still around 30 lbs.
  • Between 8-9 shoes
  • 2T-3T underwear!  He wears diapers or pull ups during naps.  We went to Meme's for Thanksgiving (2 hours) and he kept his pull up dry the entire time.  He wakes up almost every morning dry.  He has beyond impressed us with his potty training.  
  • 2T jeans/pants.  He prefers sweat pants due to the ease of pulling them up and down.  He can wear some 3T but they have to be rolled up at least once.
  • 3T shirt and jackets.
  • Talks a bunch!  William has an amazing memory.  He will randomly bring up things that happened months ago.  
  • Favorite food is a burger.  Loves milk.  Gummies and MMS!  He always eats well at school which is home cooked meals.  William will eat a can of olives over a meal.  Some days he will eat all day and others not much at all.  The doctor was not worried when he went in sick because his weight is in the 60th percentile.  That shocked me because his waist is tiny.  
  • I think he will be great with Hannah.  He talks about holding her, kissing her, sharing with her, etc.  
  • William plays with his kitchen, cars, IPAD, and grocery cart. He also likes to carry bags around with his stuff in them.  He has also found pockets on his clothes and hides things in them.  
  • William counts to ten with us and will count out of order on his own.  Says alphabet with us.  Still working on colors.  
  • Just a quick update on our bud.  He is an amazing blessing and we do not know what we did before he came into our lives.  

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