Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 2: Potty Training

  Well again all of the details of the day went by in a blur.  Potty training is tough stuff people!  William only had one accident but the good news is he stopped himself and finished on the potty.  Again we had no poop today which is concerning mainly because he has issues with constipation.  I hate to give him Miralex and send him to school in underwear.  I am taking him to school tomorrow before my doctor's appointment and I am hoping they will be on board with me.
  I plan on taking several jeans and underwear for the day.  If they stay on him (at least 2x on potty per hour) I do not think they will see accidents.  William was going on his own today and is able to pull his pants up and down.  He has impressed me this weekend.  I wish I had a few days off to continue this at home but we will make it work.
  All in all it was a good day until I noticed he was eating lots of candy.  He would go pee, eat candy, then immediately pee again for more candy.  This evening I told him he had to poop for candy and all hell broke loose.  He refused to leave the potty because he wanted the candy.  I honestly do not think he needed to poop so this was never going to work.
  Finally, I had to stop the madness before I broke down and cried with him.  I put on his pull up and took him to bed.  I keep thinking he hates me right now but he wanted me to hold him before he got in bed.  As I was holding him he rubbed my cheek which was just what I needed after a long weekend.

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