Friday, November 15, 2013

One Week Later: Potty Training

  William has beyond impressed us with potty training.  I'm not sure if we waited until he was the perfect age (33 months) or what but he's been great!
  He only had one accident at school this week and even started standing up to tee tee.  I will say that makes it pretty messy and I'm constantly getting a Clorox wipe out for the floor. 
  He pooped last night after not going since Tuesday.  William has had trouble with pooping since infancy.  The only time he gets frustrated is when he wants to poop and can't go.  He has pooped in the potty twice today without any fits or prompting! 
  The only other issue is waking up in the morning.  He will say he needs to tee tee but then refuses to get on the potty.  He pitches a big fit then usually goes in diaper.  Since he is doing so well I know he will catch on to going first thing in the morning.  The plus is he wants the diaper off right away after going and before we started this it did not bother him.  
  I am proud of him and also a big thanks to his school!  His teacher has been on board since Day 1! 

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