Monday, December 9, 2013

36 Week Preggo Update

*28 lbs gained as of Monday
*Having contractions but nothing consistent.
*Controlling heartburn with meds.
*Back pain is in full force.
*Had a beautiful baby shower at work.  Hannah was blessed with so many nice things!! 
*Rudy will be installing the car seat soon and the pack n play is ready!  The clothes are washed and ready to be put away. 
*Had an US and Hannah weighs a little over 6 lbs!  The doctor says she looks great and everything is right where it should be.
*Based on doctor's schedule I will be induced on the 2nd or 9th!  Let's hope she comes sooner but after Christmas.
*Looking forward to my in laws arriving on the 26th and of course Christmas with the bud.  This is the first year he seems to really understand the concept of Santa.

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