Thursday, December 26, 2013

38 Weeks Preggo Update

*The picture is a "selfie" because I am on vacation and got dressed after the hubs left the house for work.

  I thought for sure I would have made progress over the past 10 days.  I have been having contractions and felt like Hannah dropped.  However, I was very wrong because my sweet doctor said, "same" today after checking me.  Oh well!  I am actually okay with this and I feel blessed for a full term baby.
  I was all about being induced but honestly my feelings have changed.  I go back Monday for another check and discuss the "plan."  If I have made progress and she offers an induction I may take it according to how I am physically feeling.  As of today I feel pretty good and plan on waiting on Hannah to enter the world when she is ready.

A few things to remember:
  • 29-30 lbs. gained as of today.
  • Not much heartburn anymore.  
  • Back and hips hurt when I try to sleep in bed, couch, or recliner.  
  • Sleep is hit or miss due to the pain.  I also find myself thinking of life with two kids and then I definitely can not sleep.  :)
  • Nesting constantly but with the bud around it will never stay as organized as I would like.
  • My shirts are getting tighter...and I REFUSE to buy more.  
  • Still able to get on floor with William but not for very long periods of time.  I am also picking him up but this is for very short intervals.  
  • William is ready for sissy to get here and sit on his lap.  Also, we mentioned in passing that Hannah may bring him a new back pack and he has not forgotten this.  It is so important to him that we already bought the back pack and its ready to go.  
  • We will see if I am back for another update...

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