Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thoughts: Diapers vs. Potty Trained

  Here are my thoughts on the pros and cons of potty training.  I say potty training because a month in and we are still training.  Do not get me wrong I am so proud of William but it is not easy for any of us.

  • William does better at school then home...peer pressure?
  • He does not like using the potty first thing in the morning.  Does he really want to pee in his diaper after keeping it dry all night?  
  • Not a fan of washing his hands; he would rather use the sanitizer.  This is fine most of the time but sometimes he wants to dump his potty, touch things he should not, etc.  
  • Speaking of dumping the potty...he spills it or at least some falls out.  Yuck but you know if it that motivates him then I just clean more often.
  • Work in progress but misses the potty at times.  Once at the beginning he literally aimed to the side of the potty and it got all over my feet.
  • Knock on wood--has only had one poop accident and that was during the first weekend.  Pee-that is another issue!
  • Going out in public-OMG!  I never thought about this until now.  William does not tell us that he needs to go potty enough for us to trust him.  We have to remind him constantly so in public we make lots of trips.  
  • Like when making a quick trip to WM we gotta use the potty.  Please do not misunderstand me I know this is part of it but after using diapers its a big change.  Many times William does not want to go because he wants to see the store or wherever we are at.  
  • He is not a fan of using the potty before leaving the house.  I mean full on tantrums.  Did I say he gets excellent, lovely, amazing potty goer reports from school?  
  • Leaving my list on positive note...William is a great kid and has done amazing with the potty.  He is a big boy and does not have to use a diaper anymore.  He will continue to improve and I will not be taking a 10 year old to the potty every 30 minutes.  It just seems like it at this moment.  

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