Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Happenings

On Friday I got my hair cut and colored.  I love my hair but the pictures are not great; hoping to fix my hair this week and get some better pictures.  I usually CHI my hair but my stylist does not but this is walking in the door from getting hair done.  Notice the shine on my face; it is very hot out.  My skin is somewhat dry so I do not understand the shine; going to blame it on heat.

When I work at Publix Rudy is always running errands.  He does so much better with William in public alone than Mommy.  I really think he will be easier for me when he sits on his own and can sit in cart, hi chair, etc.  Rudy uses the carrier but either my torso is too short or something because William does not do well with me using it.  The point of all this is Rudy usually buys William some kind of "gift" on these errands.  This time it was sandals. 

William is sporting shoes for the first time and riding BIG BOY style in a new carseat.  (Picture from Rudy's phone).

We visit my parents almost every weekend and Rudy asked the funniest question, "When can William go upside down?"  We all laughed and said probably now but do not hang him there. :)

I guess I covered the flash but he (William) loved it.  By the look on Rudy's face he had a blast as well.

This is just for those big blue eyes.

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