Monday, August 29, 2011


On Friday William and I got up bright and early and went with my parents to Meme's.  I did not take many pictures but it was a good trip.  As much as my sweet boy dislikes the carseat he always surprises us and does great on trips to Meme's.  Once he remembered Meme William was all smiles!  He got to eat squash while sitting on Papa and did great (should have taken more pictures).  Thankfully I brought the Johnny Jump Up with us because he is so squirmy now I do not know how I would have entertained him. 
Sitting on the recliner at Meme's.

The rest of the weekend was low key.  Rudy played golf all day Saturday and I stayed at my parent's house.  I worked all day Sunday but was happy to see that Dad decided to visit.  We ordered Jim N Nicks and although William was very fussy (does not nap well with Rudy) we enjoyed dinner. 

Another piece of wonderful news:  William has a new baby cousin.  Mia Cecilia was born Thursday and weighed 6.8 lbs.  Of course I do not have pictures because they live so far away.  We are visiting next month so I will do an entire post on Mia at that time. :)

Pictures that I took at random times last week...

William likes this cups and actually took a few sips out of it. 

He is always spreading his legs, always.  In the stroller, while drinking bottles, etc.  Too cute!

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