Tuesday, June 7, 2011

4 Months

I am doing bullets this month on our sweet William.

  • Smiles all the time, has laughed out loud a few times, started talking (we think you learned this from Ayla at her birthday party)
  • Recognizes the bottle
  • I would consider him a supported sitter-he holds his head up as long as we support the belly/back area
  • He loves to sit up and I think he gets bored in the vibrating chair
  • Beginning to like the swing more (he loved it the first month or so then began to loathe it)
  • Size 2 Diapers but size 3 at night (we are trying to get rid of size 2 because they started leaking; William is a big boy), 6 Month clothes but since Mommy prefers your clothes loose and comfy this is not always accurate, has 5 bottles but sometimes 4-serving sizes vary from 6 oz to 8 oz
    • Stats:
      • Length: 26 3/4 inches (95%)
      • Weight: 16.5.5 lbs (90-95%)
      • Head: 17 1/4 (90%)
  • Using Bumbo occassionally
  • Hates tummy time but you learned how to get out of it---ROLL OVER!!  You did this on the bed first (we were right there; no worries) and now you do it so fast once you get on your tummy we do not have time for pictures or video
  • Has had several fits in car seat
  • Hanging out with Daddy while Mommy worked...Daddy changed his first poop diaper (twice)
  • Still on gas drops
  • We think you are teething because you literally drool so much that you soak your clothes (you hate bibs)
  • Loves to stick entire fist into mouth
  • Loves "Ellie" which was a gift from Grammie from the Eric Carle collection
  • Celebrated Mother's Day-you and Daddy got me a gift card for my Nook and hand/footprint kit (Mommy and Daddy had a time getting this done), Erin also visited us during this weekend and she gave us Mommy/baby themed books which I can not wait to read to you
  • Naps well, sleeps at night well.  We bathe you between 8 and 9, feed you, and put you down.  You sleep anywhere from 5 to 7 AM.  Sometimes you wake up fussy between 2 and 4AM and I give you gas drops, you poot, I rock you, you fall asleep.  Naps are pretty predictable but we are holding you and should be putting you in your crib. 
  • We let you test out your highchair and play with a spoon.  I callled the doctor and was told to start cereal.  We used the spoon the first time and you actually did very well.  You smiled and opened your mouth but was not sure how to swallow the cereal.  We can start yellow vegetables next week; hoping it goes well.                                                          
  • Loves the TV, kicks like crazy, smiles when Daddy runs your hands through his hair, blue eyes (please stay this color, Thanks, Mommy), I see some red in your hair on top but the back is still dark 
  • Went to your first birthday party, slept until the real fun started: cake! 

Just hanging out in my diaper after spitting up on Mommy and my outfit.

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