Saturday, June 11, 2011

This guy...

loves his Daddy and....


Real food has started and yes I know it seems early for vegetables.  We saw Dr. B. on Tuesday and told him how much Similac he has been taking per day (a whopping 37 oz.) and were told to feed William cereal plus begin introducing vegetables and fruits.  I obsessively read information on babies (what new mom doesn't) and knew he was drinking too much milk but due to my reading I knew not to start cereal before 4 months.  Finally, after feeding the big guy 8 oz servings and still barely going 3.5 hrs. between feedings I called the doctor and started cereal.  He (I) had a hard time at first adjusting but we figured out a perfect feeding schedule.  William is a happier baby now which makes for a sane Mommy.  We were also told he should be napping a lot less than he does (3 hours give or take) and be in bed by 7PM.  Rudy and I looked at each other but said nothing; bedtime is usually around nine after the last bottle.  William is not a happy camper between 7 and 9 at night ever.  So...after much consideration (on the way home from Dr. B we were a firm, "NO WAY") we are slowly moving his bedtime up.  Last night was not easy!  William has been going in his crib without one issue but I guess the change in timing did not go unnoticed.  He screamed, I went in thinking, "Holy bananas something is wrong."  As soon as he saw me he stopped screaming.  Since he has never done this before I scooped him up and rocked him.  William was asleep after the second rock so back to crib you go.  "You are not tricking me," says a baby that can not speak but can SCREAM.  Back in I go this time thinking back to the endless reading I have done: cry it out.  I did not pick him up this time I just rubbed his belly saying, "shhh" continuously.  This did the trick but he did wake up super early this morning.  Hoping we can stick to this new routine. 

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