Friday, June 3, 2011


I have officially started working at Publix.  I am available 4 days a week but they have been giving me only one shift per week.  No complaints from me or Rudy since I also do West At Home.  West At Home is awesome!  What you need:  house phone, internet, and patience.  You answer calls for the products you see on commercials and yes people still order the silly products by phone instead of internet.  One of my favorite products is the HD Aviators glasses which are now sold at Wal Mart.  They pay by "talk" minute but make sure you get minimum wage for your state.  I love it and hate it because you set your own hours and can delete hours 24 hours before the shift.  Deleting hours is tempting with a fussy baby and a tired husband.  It works for us for now but I apply for teaching jobs as soon as they open.  I am trying to be content with our situation but it is hard when I know we need the income.  Back to Publix.  I really enjoy getting out of the house even to work; keeps me sane.  I look forward to it because I see lots of babies and always ask the Mama's questions.  Who knows better than a Mom who just went through starting solid food?  I am torn with solid food.  William will be 4 months on Sunday but I really think his bottles are not enough.  He probably should have started cereal 2 weeks ago.  We see the pediatrician Tuesday (shots, boo) and I hope he gives us good advice on food (worried he is not going to tell me what I want to hear).  I am back to work and enjoy it for the most part.  Happy to be with William all day.   

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