Saturday, May 28, 2011

Christopher's Birthday

My brother would be 24 today, really?  I can not believe it has been three years since he left us.  My family still talks about him and my Mom wonders what he would look like.  I tell her I basically look the same; I am sure Christopher would also look basically the same.  I still think of his face, smile, and laugh.  It makes me sad because his voice is getting very faint.  I want to think positive about he would be doing today if he were here but honestly I am not sure where Christopher would be with his life.  I like to believe he would have turned his life around and found happiness.  These thoughts are trivial now because Christopher is in a safer place than the world he could not handle. 

During our trip to Meme's for Easter we went to Christopher's grave to replace the Auburn flag.  It definitely looks better with a fresh Auburn flag.  We also took William out and introduced him to his Uncle Christopher.  This may sound weird but my family knows one thing about Christopher: he would have loved William.  I do not know what we will tell William when he asks why Uncle Christopher is no longer with us but he will not be ready for the truth until he is much older.  For now we will fill William with sweet memories of me and Christopher growing up together, happy.   

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