Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Things I would like to get done....

I have lots of things I would like to get done during the day or week but it so difficult with sweet William.  I know it would be easier to get things done if he actually napped in his crib.  Most of the time I sleep on and off with him during the first two naps of the day.  When I am awake and I watch him I am simply amazed.  He is perfect and we are so blessed.  I look at his eyes as he sleeps.  Although closed they move around and I wonder if his dreams include Mommy and Daddy.  William moves around a lot while sleeping and I have to hold his little arms and legs to get him to sleep longer periods of time.  I love the way when he wakes up next to me he SMILES so big (most of the time).  He is already 5 months old and his body does not fit all the way in my lap.  William will be too big for me to hold one day so those dishes and clothes that do not grow and become assets to this world can wait.  I will rock my baby, bounce my baby, sleep next to my baby because I can and many people do not have that chance.  Why should I want to do anything else than take advantage of this blessing that God did not have to give me? 

Things that I want to get done and will get done in time (maybe when William is in Kindergarten):

  • Sweep and Mop (on the same day, within a few minutes of each other)
  • Dust (take items of the shelves and really clean)
  • Organize my kitchen
  • Bathe my dogs (both on the same day)
  • Wash clothes, fold clothes, and put away in the same day (week)
  • Clean bathrooms (the whole thing; not the sink today, the tub 2 weeks from now)
  • Organize filing cabinets 
These things are so trivial on paper.  I do these things at least once a month :) when Rudy can watch William.  William is more important than any of these items; he is our son.  He changes everyday; the dust stays the same.  I am watching him on the blanket now and he is going to roll over from back to belly any day and why would I want to miss that while organizing the kitchen.  I was chosen to take care of this little person and I need to cherish every second.  I will try each day to become less OCD about the housework and be thankful for the life I have.    

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