Thursday, August 30, 2012

13 on Thursday

1.  My MIL, Carmen, is flying in today.  I have to work but Rudy is picking up William early and meeting her at the airport. 
2.  We cancelled our beach trip for this weekend.  Why?  Well, we did not know William was sick and when he screamed non stop from Hoover to the house we knew it was no bueno.
3.  Oh and William is recovering from Hand, Foot, and Mouth virus.  Do I wish that own my worst enemy?  Probably not.  Poor baby was pitiful and hungry!
4.  I have been trying to clean the house for Carmen's arrival for over a month.  Now that I finished the last thing-mopping I need to start over. Ha.
5.  Working full time and having an almost 19 month old makes it near impossible to scrub a house for vistors.  Luckily she is family!
6.  I enjoy coming downstairs early before anyone else is awake and check up on emails, FB, and blogs.
7.  Today is the first time I actually wrote a post before work.  I think??
8.  William is up now and kicking really hard.  I have the monitor up super loud so Rudy can hear him, get clothes, and bring him down.
9.  William should be attending his first AU football game if work does not get in our way.
10.  Our yearly (almost this one is more like yearly and 1/2) trip to Maine has been booked.
11.  BTW, I am coming home early due to work so Rudy will be battling an almost 2 yr. old in his lap on a plane all the way home.
12.  That was Rudy's choice; I am going to miss my bud (yes and the hubs).
13.  Who is taking me out on my kid and hubs free weekend in January? 
14.   Curious if Ru got my bud.  No, they are not down here but William quit kicking but we have to leave very soon.  Geez. 

*Yep I know its 14 but I did not need anyone wondering about the kicking bud all day. :)

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