Thursday, April 5, 2012

13 on Thursday

1.  William goes to doctor for re-check on ears and possible Hand, Foot, and Mouth.  What????  The daycare called us to get the bud due to thrush; the nurse at the doctor's office said its HFM.  Its thrush and ears are clear.  We are seeing an allergist due to budsy always being sick with something.
2.  I had my annual with the OBGYN and we may or may not have discussed a second baby.  Remember I took Clomid for William.
3.  Eggs mixed with grits for breakfast.
4.  Budsy at home for 4 days.  Daycare won't let him back for 24 hrs. due to thrush and they are closed Good Friday.  I am working; Daddy is handling it.  Although Daddy is golfing on Saturday.
5.  Happy wih my weight; not happy with the flab for tummy and thighs.
6.  I love to snack at my desk; I force myself not to do it by imagining myself going in for gastric bypass.
7.  Love talking to Erin almost everyday!
8.  It is tough getting off at 5PM, getting budsy, maybe going to the store, cooking, cleaning, getting William ready for bed, etc. all before my bedtime of oh, 9PM.
9.  We have cable again.  Thank you!!!
10.  My house needs a serious scrub.  I can handle the basics; the on my knees scrubbing not so much.
11.  Thinking about cutting my hair off super short.  You know so short I gotta get the neck shaved.
12.  My eyelids are dry, really?
13.  I love my budsy more than I ever thought I could.  He amazes us everyday and we wonder what he could do if he was not sick every 2 or 3 weeks.

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