Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just the flu.

I get a call on Tuesday on my lunch break that William is running a low grade fever (100.9).  She told me she would call back if it went over 101.  I was out last week with my little guy due to thrush.  I was hoping it was teeth and when we did not get another call I assumed as much.  William gets home from daycare, no fever, sleeps, no fever this AM.  Around 1:30 I get a call; please someone give us a break.  Nope, he has a fever of 101.2.  The pediatrician's office is closed for lunch until 2 so I call on my way to daycare.  The main thing I notice about the bud is his thirst.  He was very thirsty and drank all his juice on the way home.  I gave him a snack and he drank a pedialyte.  William was running a fever of 100.something when we got home.  Fast forward to doctor's appointment: ears look really good, but lets do blood work and a swab for flu.  William does not get a thrill from a pretty blue band aid and he was doing his best to rip it off.  He was tugging, waving his hand in the air, and biting the band aid.  For real blood was all over the place.  Finally he was entertained with a book long enough for me to apply pressure with a Kleenex.  Dr. Morgan said his blood work is fine but does look like he has the flu.  I said not possible; he gives me the crazy eye.  He had the flu shot!!??!!  It happens, he states.  Anywho we get tamiflu or whatever its called for a c-note.  My dad is funny because whenever he spends near 100 dollars he says he just dropped a c-note.  I use this now and I did not think I would be using it when referring to prescriptions (we have insurance)!  William actually seems better but we are keeping advil/tylenol in him every 4 hours and lots of fluids.  We will see how tomorrow goes. 

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