Saturday, May 5, 2012

15 Months

These get harder and harder to take each month.

Objects are a must.

I say objects because toys are not good enough for this guy at 15 months.
  • Size 4 Diapers
  • 18 months clothes (some 12 months fit)
  • Size 5 shoe.
  • Eats table food and we also give William Gerber toddler meals on occassion.
  • LOVES bananas and he would not weigh the measley 22 lbs. without them.
  • Milk at home before daycare, lunch, and before bed.  Yogurt for snack at daycare.  Nutrigrain bars are also a huge hit but a sticky mess.  Juice once a day during the week but multiple times on the weekends.  Had his first PB&J.
  • 6 teeth that I am for sure about. 
  • Naps 2x at home but usually once at daycare.  Sleeps from 7pm to anywhere from 5:30-6AM.
  • Diagnosed with allergies to dogs and now takes Zyrtec daily.
  • Thrush 2x and the flu.
  • Beginning to stand alone for a few seconds and has taken a step or two from coffee table to sofa.
  • Says "mama" very clearly and "dada" but not as clear.  No new words but points and babbles.
  • Can climb onto couch by himself.  When he sees shoes he will try to put his feet in them.  Plays independently for longer periods of time.  Can pitch a mean fit.  Plays with toys very meticulously (impresses us). 
He is soo sweet (most of the time)...

Only with Daddy watching him will you find William without a shirt, wearing a bib, sitting on a plush owl, wearing swim trunks with no intentions of putting him into anything with water.

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