Thursday, May 10, 2012

15 Month Checkup

Length- 32 3/4 in.-90%
Weight- 22.10 lbs- 25%
Head- 19.5-90-95%

Long, skinny, and a big ole' head.

William is healthy (yay, finally) and I was told I am not a bad Mommy fits are NORMAL!  He has to see an Audiologist for a hearing test because William does not have much to say.  Dr. Morgan was not too concerned with the walking issue because he is thisclose to it.  He did suggest Early Intervention if William does not walk soon and possibly for speech.  I am not concerned (as long as the hearing test comes back ok) because I did not talk until wayyyy late.  And we all know I can TALK it up.  We shall see but we are very thankful for a healthy, happy, boy!

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