Sunday, May 27, 2012

Enjoying the Summer

William started with a few steps a couple of weeks ago and now he is a full time walker.  He only crawls if he is very tired.  This makes errands a little more time consuming.  He wants to walk the entire time we are out.  He pushed the cart in Wal Mart this AM and then got tired so he went to his knees.  Eww!  I also believe he was super fussy these past couple of weeks due to trying to walk.  William has been so much better since he started walking.  He is also getting over a sinus infection which ended up in both eyes.  It is sad but he is getting used to being sick because when he was running a 102 temp. he wasn't falling asleep all of the time or cranky.  His eyes just looked swollen and red.  I really hope he can stay well throughout the summer; poor guy needs an extended break.  In other news he did pass the hearing test; I honestly was not worried.  After his 15 month check up he started repeating a few things and also points to his head when you ask, "Where is your head?"  William will talk when he is ready; we can not force it. 
I am still taking him to the Early Intervention evaluation just to have peace of mind.  I do not think he qualifies based on the paperwork they sent to us but I would feel very guilty if there was an issue in the future.  Whatever is best for William is best for us.  They also go to daycare for appointments so I will not be taking him to appointments after work.  That would be useless so close to bedtime.  Anyway, he loves to be outside.  Grammie bought him this water table toy that keeps his attention for about 10 minutes.  I am slowly learning that no toy I buy will keep him entertained until naptime.  Do not think I am being lazy.  I get on the floor with him, dance, sing, read, but there are times he wants none of it.  That is where outside comes into play.  He carries sprinklers around with him, tries to push patio chairs, prefers walking on concrete to grass, rides in his car and much more.  I am elated he prefers outdoors to the TV but it is soooo hot outside.  I am out there 5 minutes and sweating like I just ran a 5K.  Anywho, we love the bud, he loves the outdoors, we may spoil him rotten but we are fine with it for now. 

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