Saturday, June 2, 2012

Oak Mountain State Park

We woke up bright and early this AM.  I woke up with a PLAN; I am so sick of staying around the house all day every weekend.  We run our usual errands but never venture too far due to William's nap schedule.  This morning I woke up thinking, "I do not care, life goes on, we will get through it, blah and blah."  So, we headed to Oak Mountain State Park before 8AM.  William loved the sand after we gave him a stick but was not as into the trail.  Again now that he walks he does not like to be held down (even in his backpack).  After the park we were headed home and he fell asleep (I must have forgotten my above feelings on this).  I was annoyed even though I truly want to be the mom that keeps on keeping on with a sleeping toddler over her shoulder.  I knew the rest of the day would be tough.  I decided we would go to my parents (he is asleep now so we can lunch with them) and ended spending the whole day over there.  It was fun and William even napped for an hour on my Dad's bed with me.  He got a new bike from my Dad and enjoyed Mac and Cheese for dinner at the Macaroni Grill.  I admit he got cranky by dinner and I had to take him out for a pep talk.  Luckily he calmed down after a pound couple of bites of bread.  Overall, he did great and did not fall asleep on the way home (it was bedtime).  Now I am watching Ru put together an extremely difficult new bike and Budsy is sound asleep.

Not ready for the sand yet.

Now I am ready.

Everything goes to the mouth. 

Love this little guy.

Um, I prefer walking, thanks.

The new bike from Papa.

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