Friday, June 22, 2012

Vacation Day

I took a vacation day today mainly to get my hair done.  That only lasted until lunch then I met my parents at Jason's Deli.  After that I came home to a hubs that had taken the afternoon off.  We then ran errands before getting the bud and meeting my parents for dinner.  William's daycare offers "parent night" monthly but I can not bring myself to leave him there that long.  I would rather have my parents watch him at the house so he can sleep in his own bed.  Here are some pics of my vacation day or it may be more appropriate to say "catch up day."

Loaded and started dishes.

Lots of laundry.

Put William's toys away.

Changed sheets...

Hubs working...

YUCK...before haircut.

I look exhausted but my hair looks good.

Loves the golf clubs.

No, I really, really love the clubs.

I really do not feel as tired as I look.  :(

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