Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I am officially 27 years old and I hope I never choose to work on my birthday again.  I love birthdays; I have reminded my Dad for two weeks that my birthday is June 12.  Remember my Dad was here wayyyy before the Jenner he knows the date I entered this world.  Being at work on my birthday was not fun.  I like to say, "but it's my birthday," and "it is still birthday" in reference to everything. I assume at work this is frowned upon and I never even told anyone its my birthday.  I am truly thankful for my spa gift certificate from Daddy and the new kicks from Mama.  Ru will be treating me to a mani/pedi at some point in the next 6 months.  HA, working full time and loving on the Bud does not leave tons of mani/pedi time.  I am lucky to complete dinner without saying, "Do not eat that off the floor."  I had red velvet cake waiting on me and that made being at work a tiny bit better.  No clue what I will be saying at 28; hopefully I will be saying it from a beach- I will even take my couch. 

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