Monday, June 25, 2012

McWane Science Center

It is so hot here in Birmingham; my car read 106 Saturday.  Rudy played golf early Sunday and I took William outside for about 10 minutes (maybe).  I could see his little arms sweating and he was so red (even with sunscreen).  I think William is just super sensitive because his color becomes normal once he is inside.  Anyways, he only took about an hour nap and was up before 1 PM.  We headed to McWane Science Center because he needed to be somewhere besides the house.  William did great but I know he will get a lot more out of it in a year or so.  Below is picture overload and I am warning you now. 

Knew exactly what to do.

Did not really get the idea of touching gently.

Pointing to the lady that got onto him for splashing :)

Loved the wall.

Helping out...(sidenote:  I am getting a spray tan before vaca)

Weird guy.

Does not get bending down.

I found this funny and begged Rudy for a pic.

And done.

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