Saturday, June 9, 2012


I took William to the Early Intervention evaluation on Thursday.  He has developed a lot since his 15 month checkup in May when he was referred.  He passed his hearing test back in May and he does not qualify for EIS.  I am so proud of my baby but at the same time worry about his speech.  We did get some good tips to promote language development.  One of the women testing him noticed his mouth stays open a lot when at his age it should be closed.  Well, the sippy cups he uses are for infants.  Do not hate; he will not drink from others.  Anywho, she suggested a juice box with a straw.  He nailed it like he had been doing forever.  Love that boy. 
She also told me to stop cutting his food into such small pieces.  HAHA!!  I do not want my child to choke; sue me.  William gets a banana every morning (cut into small pieces) but now we just split it into two halves.  He has a tendency to shove but should learn to bite off piece by piece.  This is kind of my fault because he should have already been doing this.  Again, choking baby not my idea of a fun time.  She said all of these changes will strengthen his mouth muscles and promote language development.  Honestly, I did not think he would qualify but I appreciate that we had the opportunity to confirm this.  So, any mother reading this that is concerned about language development: give the kid an entire chicken nugget and put that mouth to work.

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