Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bradford Be Gone

Rudy has wanted to cut down the bradford pear in the front yard for a while now.  My parents were against it for many reasons: shades the house (he proved them wrong), it looks nice (he does not care), etc.  He ended up talking them into helping (not that we have to their permission) and we did not have to rent a chainsaw.  We all admit it looks a lot better and now we have to get rid of the stump.  We are hoping to get that done we when get the trees in the backyard cut down (one of which is dead and a hazard).  Here are some pictures of the mess they had to clean up.

The tree fell into the road but did leave room for cars to pass by.  However, this woman in a small SUV sat waiting for a few minutes like they were going to quickly move the gigantic tree.  People are so silly.  Now we are trying to get our grass green from where the tree had shaded it and we have some firewood for winter.  Job well done!

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