Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's Day...On the Road

We loaded up and went to Meme's for Father's Day.  I must admit not one picture was taken and I fussed at ready to bring the camera.  Traveling is stressful and I guess I never thought about it.  William did pretty great on the way up there (2 hrs.) and loved visiting family.  It took him only a few minutes to warm up to Meme and loved the animal crackers she had waiting on him.  William played with Ziploc bags on and off all day.  It is amazing what entertains a toddler.  We also took him on the golf cart.  The first trip William went with Rudy and I.  He set right in the middle and looked so big.  He did not make a sound the entire time and even drove for a minute or two (in Rudy's lap).  William then got to go again with Meme and Grammie.  By this time he was sleepy but my mom said he fought it the whole time.  He would close his eyes then hear something and perk right back up.  Needless to say no napping happened until he hit the carseat on the way home.  We had yummy lunch and lots of desserts.  William enjoyed a cookie while we eat (he had lunch prior to us) and I guess it was all the attention but he did not fuss to get out of the high chair once.  He then showed off his dance moves to the entire family and by then it was time to hit the road.  We headed home around 2 and he slept the first half of the trip; screamed the second half.  I do admit I should have changed his diaper when we stopped in Cullman but honestly I guess I just forgot I had a kid in diapers.  I was exhausted.  I noticed about half an hour before we got home his diaper was soooo full of pee and I think it caused his buckle to be tighter.  Poor thing!  We finally made it home and William was naked before he got out of the car.  We put him in his pool and he immediately PEED, ha!  So we all came inside and relaxed for a few minutes and then I picked up dinner.  My parents basically ate dinner and left because poor Lexus (their boxer) had to stay outside.  William's allergies were acting up with her being in the car with him and at Meme's.  The day ended early for William with a bath and bed before 7.  It was a wonderful day with family and I wish we did it more.  William will one day love the car!

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