Tuesday, June 5, 2012

16 Months

Pictures in this chair are near impossible.  Love how his chunky legs hang over the socks (promise they were not too tight).

I wish he was alone in this pic.  Best one in a while.  This guy is so BUSY!

  • The one big change from last month-WALKING!
  • Size 4 Diapers but thinking his Huggies overnights need to be Size 5.  I know he is tiny but I think his height causes them to leak because they are too short.
  • 18 Months clothes but I feel 24 Months are in the near future; again super tall baby.
  • Shoe sizes annoy me.  Sometimes its a 5, then 5.5 or 4.  What the heck?
  • Eats a banana before daycare, breakfast and lunch at daycare, yogurt in the afternoon, and dinner at home.  Budsy does not care much for the eating part of life.  He prefers to snack throughout the day on mums, puffs, fruit loops, or a cookie from Publix.  Oh, and MILK, loves milk!
  • Moved from Infant 2 to Toddler 1 at daycare and now sleeps on a cot.
  • Starting to use forks and spoons.  We have to get the food on the fork but he will put it in his mouth.  Also starting to eat from a plate or bowl without throwing it.   
  • Sleeps anywhere from 6:45-7PM to 5:45-6:15AM and one nap after lunch ranging from 1-2 hrs.  Now that we are down to 1 nap a day I love it.  He is still adjusting but it makes the afternoons a lot easier to be out and about.
  • Repeats bye-bye, sometimes "ba" for ball, mama, dada.  He signs milk. 
  • Loves books (eating them) and carrying them throughout the house.  Prefers cardboard boxes to toys and outside to inside.
  • Eczema on his cheeks is still bad.  I have actually starting using diaper rash cream and it works better than the other stuff. 
  • Major challenge-now that William walks he can not stand the stroller which makes the Galleria dangerous.

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