Wednesday, April 18, 2012

An Answer

Budsy and I went to the allergist this AM for some answers.  He has battled ear infections, coughs, etc. long enough and I wanted to rule out allergies.  He has recently developed ezcema on his cheeks and just from seeing that the doctor figured he had some sort of allergies.  She then looked in his nose and again said the lining in nose shows allergies.  Wow, really?  So, a skin test, screaming toddler, do not touch his back for 20 minutes, keep him occupied in this tiny, burning hot room with not a single toy later we get the results.  William is allergic to DOGS and I seriously thought it was a joke.  Maybe she knew we had dogs and wanted to be funny.  Nope, allergic.  The doctor comes back in with a to do list.  Get off Johnson and Johnson (I have tons of it from baby showers), get on Zyrtec daily, here are some inhalers if he gets a cough, you put in on his face like this and give two puffs, make sure he takes deep breaths, come back in 3 weeks. (Excuse my run on sentences in this post).  Oh my gah!!!  We are trying to find Patches and Bax a new home because after reading an article they really need to go in order for William to get well.  I have cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.  It really does not matter how much I clean the dander is on the walls, baseboards, name it and dander is there.  Right now my goal is to keep them separated, sweep daily (shoot me), bathe dogs at least once a week, keep his toys wiped, and pray for new homes. 

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