Thursday, April 5, 2012

14 Months

At 14 months and we can not get him to sit still. 

  • Size 4 Diaper
  • Sleeps in sleep sack and has 3 or 4 lovies.
  • 18 month clothes (12 month pants still fit and even a pair of 9 month jeans)
  • Wears bibs, William makes a mess with liquids and still drools a ton.  Bibs do not bother him so why would I want to constantly change his clothes.
  • Eats table food for the most part.  Right now he has to eat dinner at daycare which they do not provide so he has a Gerber toddler meal there.  He eats a yogurt every afternoon.  William is TINY; its funny because he was a CHUNKY infant.  We let him eat whenever he wants. 
  • 4 teeth for sure, and I think 4 more coming in up top
  • Daycare until around 5:30 (hopefully Rudy will get an earlier schedule soon), naps around 1 hr or so there (between 2 naps).  William does not nap well at daycare and I still can not get over it. 
  • When we get home he has a snack while I unload my junk from the day.  He gets a bath and has milk while we watch Wheel of Fortune.  Bedtime around 7.
  • Does not show much interest in walking but crawls at lightning speed.  His doctor assured me that walking can happen as late as 18 months without cause for concern.  William loves to pull up and will move to other pieces of furniture if he can hold on.  Loves the walker.  He will walk if you hold his hands but only for a minute or so then back to all fours.
  • Started pointing like crazy but does not say much.  Says "da" for the dogs.  Knows what milk and juice means; be careful saying it around him. 
  • Rolls ball back and forth with us, has to have the doors and cabinets shut, into everything, puts toys away if he you show him how, pitches a good fit, tries to brush his hair, pulls up our shirts to touch our stomachs (I do not know where he learned this), hates diaper changes and putting on clothes, knows to put arms in sleeves, dances whenever he hears music, waves at everyone, still does not like new people, recognizes camera and will start to smile when he sees it, of course there is more but enough is enough for one post

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