Monday, March 5, 2012

13 Months

  • Size 4 Diapers
  • Still 4 teeth
  • Drinks around 24 oz. whole milk per day out of sippy cup-somedays he has nothing to do with milk others William can not get enough
  • Juice-usually 2 servings a day-William has A LOT of trouble pooping and we mix miralax in with the juice
  • Eats throughout the day.  William has a snack or banana before daycare with milk or juice.  Once he gets to daycare he has Stage 3 baby food and some of the food off their menu.  He also gets snacks 2x a day at daycare.  William always seems hungry so he gets lots of snacks especially when we are running errands.  He also eats Stage 3 baby food at night and usually some kind of finger food.  William does not mind the baby food and this allows us to know he is getting plenty of calories. 
  • Sleeps anywhere from 6:30 PM to somewhere in the 5AM hour.  I am hoping once he gets completely well he will stay up later and sleep in a bit.
  • Naps are sometimes great and at times horrible.
  • Babbles a lot but only "Mama" and "Dada" are clear.
  • Started "dancing."  Bill (Abuelo) twists his upper body and William copies him.  It is funny because now just seeing Bill causes him to "dance."
  • Prefers Rudy or myself to anyone else.  William is also getting clingy which I believe may be from being so sick.
  • Began cruising along the coffee the table and moves forward A LITTLE in the walker.  LOVES crawling up the stairs and understands that to get down you have to be backwards.  Funny thing is he does one step then crawls right back up.
  • Holds his lovies at bedtime and when I get him out of the crib he has to take one with him.  William is not what I would call "attached" to any one lovie and does not have it at all times.
  • Put his hands in his hair while eating.  Yuck and I do tell him, "no."  I choose to pick my battles and do not make a big fuss out of this.  If he is 16 and doing it I will be a bit more serious about it.
  • Getting dressed and changing diapers is absolutely HORRIBLE for everyone involved.  We feel the same about the carseat.  However, we discovered Baby Einstein DVD's and they are amazing.  I think it is the classical music that relaxes William.
  • Bangs toys together. Wipes things down if given a towel.  Places toys into his dump truck.  Flips light switch on his play house.  Rolls a ball back and forth with us.  I am sure he does other things but I never remember when I am blogging.
  • Not a fan of TV but starting to show interest in books.
  • First about it here.

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