Friday, June 21, 2013

The ER

...I walked into the ER and if it was not for the little life inside me I would have left.  It was dirty and very busy!  I signed in and waited for Rudy because luckily my parents were able to watch William.  After over an hour of waiting I was called back.  FYI: do not tell Triage pain level is a five but say ten!! I saw lots of people go ahead of me and they looked pretty healthy.
  I got back there and they ordered blood work, urine, and an ultrasound.  They would not let Rudy in for the ultrasound which broke my heart.  I was thinking if I am in the ER this is not routine and if something is wrong with baby I need my husband.  Of course she is training someone and they are just chatting it up while I'm laying there trying to be positive.
  They take me back to my room without telling me anything.  Finally after 4 hours I am released and was told it was probably due to the placenta taking over.  After all of that they did not even give me the ultrasound pictures!  
  Now that the news is out I will be posting pregnancy updates but I'm still deciding on weekly or monthly.  Stick around...

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