Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Day We Found Out...

  *This may be TMI for a few out there but this blog is to remember these things.**

  We had decided in December that it was time to get off the pill.  With William it took 3 rounds of Clomid before we got pregnant so I figured it would come to that this time.  In December after my last week of birth control my period came as normal.  Then nothing for over month then it came all by itself.  I was thinking positive thoughts at that point because I figured my body was back to normal.    
  Then no period for a while until I saw my doctor and she put me on pills to induce my period.  So of course that worked but it did not come back by itself.  To make things more frustrating my annual appointment was changed due to bad weather.  Before our vacation to Tennessee I had my annual and my doctor gave me medicine to induce my period and my first round of Clomid.  I came home ready to get started and got the pills immediately.  I took a pill each day of our trip and came home thinking I would need to take tampons to work Monday.  Nothing happened Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.
  I came home from work and for some reason Rudy was not working late that night.  He was cleaning the car with William and I was cleaning the kitchen.  All of sudden I was so tired and thirsty I could not even think straight.  I sat down with two bottles of water and finished almost both bottles.  I then said to myself I still have not started, exhausted more than usual, and extremely thirsty.  I ran upstairs and took a cheap pregnancy test I had under the sink.  Before I could sit it down on the counter it was POSITIVE.  I ran outside and Rudy said, "Oh, you are ovulating?"  I said no, it is a pregnancy test and it is positive.  He then took me to Walgreen's for an "expensive" one to be sure.  Yep, I was still pregnant.  Stay tuned because there is more that went on before I let out the news...

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