Saturday, May 31, 2014

5 Months

  • At the doctor for her ears she was 15.9 lbs. w/ clothes.
  • 3-6 and 6 month clothes.
  • Size 2 diaper

  • 5 oz/6 bottles per day.  Hannah moved up at daycare and they are working on a 4 hour schedule but it is not consistent.  I will have to up the ounces if she does this schedule but I liked 3 hrs. b/c now her bedtime bottle is too early. 
  • Has had oatmeal, sweet potato, green beans, banana, and squash.  Green beans are not a fav and bananas possibly gave her an extreme tummy ache.  Hannah is becoming very interested in food so I know she is ready for solids.
  • Sleep has not been great this month...  She had a stomach virus where she vomited for about 6 hours.  The very next weekend she was diagnosed with an ear infection then we flew to Maine.  While there she developed an all over rash and the dr. took her off the antibiotic (ominicef).  Hannah's rash went away but she still was not herself.  After taking her to the pediatrician when we got home and put on augmentin she is sleeping from about 8-5ish.

  • Naps are still inconsistent.  We are on the go every weekend with William so she sleeps in the car seat.  Hannah is somewhat of a cat napper and also a super light sleeper.  I'm hoping after we get her ears re checked we can train her to nap in the crib.
  • I have learned that Hannah doesn't like being held to sleep.  She will scream like crazy so I put her in the bouncy seat and soothe her til she falls asleep.  
  • She gets a bath every night due to excessive drool and spit up under her chin. Yuck!  Luckily the bath calms her down and she'll usually take a nap afterwards. 
  • William still loves her but must be reminded to be gentle.  Also he has issues w sharing: mommy, daddy, or any toy even if it's a baby toy.  

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