Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Half Birthday- Hannah

 • Hannah is in a size 2 diaper but we are moving to 3's.
•  She is in 6 month clothing but some pieces are getting too tight.
• No teeth but definitely working to get some!
• Red hair but has white blonde highlights.  Can sport a pony tail on top!

• Hannah has been rolling over for a while now and I should have noted that last month.  She even ends up on her tummy during the night.
• She can almost sit up all by herself.
• Sleeps anywhere from about 6:45 to 5 or so in the morning.  Tubes have helped tremendously plus I bought her a Zipadeezip which is a swaddle transitioner.  
•  Naps are still not consistent.  She naps in car seat a lot on weekends or in my arms.  After her check up next Friday we will be doing nap boot camp!  William went through the same thing.

• Hannah still has 30 oz. of formula per day but now takes it in 5- 6 oz bottles.  This is hard to do especially on weekends but we make it work.  
• She has a fruit or vege at school and most of the time a serving of oatmeal in the evening.  I'm asking her doctor about increasing her solid intake in order to keep her bottles 4 hours apart.  I think she's ready for more solid food; she lunges at our plates!
• Bananas are the only thing that gives her trouble- constipation.  So we are not doing those until she's older.  We still need to introduce carrots and prunes.  

• Hannah loves to play on her tummy or in exersaucer.  She doesn't like being in bouncy seat longer than to eat.  
• William and her Daddy are her favs.  I just take care of her 😁
• She is truly a happy baby until nap time.  Hannah is much more easy going then the bud unless she's tired then she wants to be held. 

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