Friday, August 1, 2014

7 Months-Hannah

  Hannah is probably about 18 lbs. and wears size 3 diapers.  We bought her some Sperry's in a 3.  6 month clothes fit but PJ's should be 9 months.
  She doesn't have any teeth but she's working hard to get some!  Hannah has mostly red hair but some very white high lights.
  Hannah is not the greatest sleeper or the worst.  She fights sleep like crazy and  sleeps very light.  Takes about 3 naps a day but could pass w 2 if took longer naps.  Hannah is ready for bed before 7 which causes night wakings but she's exhausted.  She needs her paci a couple of times a night then comes into our bed around 4.  So yep not great!
  She takes about 28-30 oz. a day and eats at least one stage 2 food.  We are getting close to having 2 solids a day (baby sister can eat)!

  Hannah is developing much faster than William which is nuts to me.  I'm not ready yet but she doesn't care.  She sits up perfectly and can also sit in grocery carts and restaurant hi chairs.  She's crawling but not a pro yet.  But we definitely don't find her in the same spit we leave her.  Hannah can almost sit from crawling.  
  She holds toys well.  Hannah loves the bath and splashes like crazy.  She doesn't like getting out and putting clothes on.  I think she'll start some puffs and possibly other food by 8 months.  She's very interested in our food.  

  We take her out of the car seat now because she's so heavy in the seat.  She prefers this so she can see everything go on around her.  Hannah still thinks William hung the moon and gives him her best giggles. Besides being a stinker at sleep times she's pretty laid back and we love her more every day! 

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