Monday, November 3, 2014

10 Months-Hannah

Baby sister is ten months old!!  She is fierce and always on the move.  Hannah has quite the attitude when it comes to diaper changes and getting dressed.

Hannah wears size 3 diapers and 9 or 12 month clothes depending on brand.  She is taking 4-6 oz. bottles a day and eating 3 meals.  I have started circling items on the menu at school for her to eat.  Hannah prefers finger foods but she just can't eat enough of them to get full.  She has tried bananas, peas, shredded cheese, mashed potatoes, eggs, and maybe some things I forgot.  

Hannah sleeps from about 6:30 to 6.  She usually doesn't need me but if she does its for a paci.  Hannah recently started throwing them out so I'm using her clip at night.  She has 2 teeth but has started showing signs of getting more.  That also keeps her up so I give her tylenol or Advil when I can see a tooth trying to come in.  

Hannah naps 2x and is doing pretty good at school as well.  I still keep in her a sleep sack mainly because it detours her from standing in crib.  Plus it keeps her warm.  She is basically walking but gets too excited and falls over.  Hannah is standing alone most of the time and pushes all the toys everywhere.  

She does not like the car seat for more than a few minutes.  Hannah is too busy to stand being strapped down.  She's better if the bud is back there and even better if I am.  She is my climber.  William was never really into climbing.  Hannah can climb into his little chair and onto his table.  So scary!

One thing I want to remember is how laid back I am with her diet.  I gave her a chick fil a fry the other day and although she didn't really eat it it kept her happy while I ate.  I guess since William is such a poor eater and I didn't break one rule with him I'll break all the rules with Hannah and she'll be a great eater! (Run on sentence maybe)

Hannah is awesome and keeps all of us on our toes!  She is gonna make for a crazy Christmas because I know she'll be walking...probably climbing up the tree. 

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