Saturday, March 30, 2013

Daddy and William vs. Zoo

The bud's daycare was closed Good Friday so that meant a Daddy/son day. It began with a quick trip to Home Depot and ended with dinner at the mall. They did not stop all day and I still do not know how Rudy does it.
He took him to the Zoo then had to stop by the car repair shop because the AC went out. Since Daddy still was not tired enough he tackled the park. My parents then suggested dinner at the Galleria. The bud was blessed with new shoes with one pair being Crocs. I am totally ok with them on kids but not adults! His are Lego themed and super cute.
After the mall we went home, took showers and had dessert. We decided on an early bedtime for the bud after such a long day but he was up before six this AM. A mistake? We are off to Meme's tomorrow for Easter. Have a great holiday!

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