Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Early Intervention Services

  At the bud's 2 year checkup the pediatrician was concerned about his speech. I was actually less stressed about it because he was picking up new words almost daily. She went ahead and sent the referral to Early Intervention Services and Rudy set everything it up.
  He did not qualify the first time he was tested but he did this time. I immediately called to get the details and I agreed with the results.
  Of course he scored between 19 and 21 months for all tests related to communication. He was above his age (26 months) for self help and social. However, he scored at 23 months on the physical test only because he has not chosen his right or left hand yet. I think that is silly but whatever!
  Our next appointment is this Thursday and I can not wait to get his plan in place! I am certain with a little extra support the bud will be taking your ears off!!


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  2. This for my son's speech... (smiles)