Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Unglued" by Lysa TerKeurst

    I really do not know how I came across this book but it was amazing.  Several months ago I started reading daily devotionals online in hopes of growing my faith.  I also incorporated daily prayer into my life and began praying with my bud.  After a month or so of praying I felt led to be baptized and have William dedicated.  I will be doing this next month at my Aunt's church.  But back to the book pictured above...
  Although the devotions online are great and I still read them I wanted a book I could actually touch.  After work I stopped by the Christian bookstore hoping to find a couple of books.  This one was being marketed and a copy was placed in every part of the store so I ended up with it.  Thank the Lord!
  I had not one clue what it was about but God definitely placed it in my hands because I needed every word.  The book teaches you ways to have self control in your daily tasks.  The author does a wonderful job of giving real life examples of when she lost control and Bible verses to calm our nerves.  I just bought another one of her books but will be reading this one again, for sure.


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