Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Our Bud Lately

* Will be 27 Months old on May 5th.

  As you know William qualified for speech therapy and has already had his first lesson.  Her notes indicated they played with puzzles, toys, and books.  I am eager to see how William is with his speech by the end of May because his speech appointments fall back to back.
  Although I am extremely thankful for speech therapy I am seeing improvements every day.  He is getting better at telling us what he wants and answering our questions.  Most of the words I can decipher but there are several I have not the slightest clue.  When we can not figure his words out is when the fits happen in full force.

  My juice, mine, dog, cookie, Maw (for my mother; no clue about this one b/c we call her Grammie), BaBa (for my dad), gosh (once then I told him it wasn't a good word), nice, snack, car, mow (to ride the lawnmower with my dad), hat, tea, boots, nana (banana), fruit (for cans of peaches), cheese, Meme, moo (for cows at Meme's), Max (friend at school), book, bubbles (for his color tablets for bath tub), water (but not clear at all), please, thank you, money, bird, two, ice, keys, no, teeth, hot, cup

  William is in 2T pants and shirts.  My mother has bought him 3T shirts which fit so we will not buy anymore 2T shirts.  The problem is we can not buy the sets because 3T shorts would fall off.  Size 5 diapers, and 7-8 shoes.  Probably around 30 lbs. and at least 3' tall by now if not over.

  The bud eats when he wants to eat.  He is not a huge breakfast fan and does not actually finish it until around 9.  He loves a can of peaches, strawberries, bananas, any fruit really.  Veges are not great right now but I try to give him a pouch every now and then.  He still drinks milk but prefers juice or water.  He likes cookies, ice cream and yogurt for dessert.  William has been eating meat recently but there are days that he hardly eats anything at all.  He is a big boy so I am not overly concerned.

Things to Remember:
   He is ready to potty train but we are waiting for move ups at school.  They incorporate the potty in the 2K room so we will push it more at home end of May.  He will say "tee-tee" and "poop;" recently before he actually goes.  William loves to call Meme on the phone and talk about the cows.  He loves to mow grass and rather be at my parent's house then his own.  William feeds Lexus every time we visit and calls her "dog."  He wants her to have her toys and he will drop them by her mouth.  He loves to read and has a book we read about 3x a day.  And yes it is a very boring book but I make it fun.  The bud does not like getting a bath, or getting out.  He would rather be in a diaper than clothes.  If he gets in trouble he will sit on the floor until I pick him up.  My bud is a cleaner and will wipe, mop, sweep, Windex anything in the house.  He loves to help with laundry and will call out our clothes (Mama, Dada, mine).  Rudy taught him how to give "Eskimo" kisses (nose to nose).  We can not pass Home Depot without him begging us to stop and if you ask him about Publix he says, "cookie."

  Listening.  William is not listening and its driving us nuts.  It takes several times of asking him before he will do it.  He gets "popped" on the leg for this and for the most part he is a good 2 year old. He does test us by doing something he knows is wrong and cutting his eyes at us.  Eeks!  Napping in his bed on the weekends; he would rather skip it entirely.  Throwing things when mad.  Being independent to the point of being unsafe (walking in parking lots, down stairs, getting off things, etc.)
As you can tell listening is an issue.  His clothes and diaper on the floor and the bud in my rain boots...

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