Saturday, April 13, 2013

Popcorn Ceiling

  Here is how it went down...
  There was a leak in our pipes and the plumber had to put a hole in the corner of the ceiling. Plan A was to just repair it and not tackle the popcorn removal yet.
  Well Rudy can not be stopped because he insisted on doing it now. His reasoning was that there is no need in repairing it knowing we will eventually remove the popcorn. So he started and the dust from it was the worse of any of the rooms he has done thus far!
  The dust was even upstairs. I've been cleaning and cleaning and more cleaning the same furniture the past two days. I know it's going to look great but it is a big big job!
  To put more icing on the cake Rudy is putting a surround sound system in the ceiling. Again I know he is working hard and it will look great but my OCD is on overdrive!

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