Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2 Year Checkup

Can you believe this??  Our bud is 2 years old!  I left work early to get to his appointment at 4 and not only did we arrive 20 minutes before the appointment we waited until 4:20.  William was actually pretty good for being confined in a waiting room with absolutely no toys (yes, we are at a pediatrician's office).  After we were called back we got down to the diaper (and socks) and got these stats: looks like he is putting on the LB's and is no longer off the charts in height.  Of course he has a gigantic head just like his Paw paw.  We will be switching to 2% milk after the whole milk is "all gone" (as the bud says).  She was mostly pleased with his development but did show concern about his speech.  I am not as concerned about this as I was when he was younger.  I think I finally figured out that all kids do things in their own time and I know William is fine.  He also mimics sounds and picks up new words on a weekly basis.  
 She did say she wanted to re visit Early Intervention for testing.  I am on board for any extra help William can get but I honestly do not think he will qualify. He is on track or ahead in all other areas and I know how the testing system works!  We will see.  
I am so proud of William and I know he will talk when he has something to say.  Right now he just needs to eat, ask for juice, say up (to get carried around), baby (when he sees himself as an infant), and a few other basic words.  I love him with or without words! 

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