Monday, February 4, 2013

William's 2nd Birthday Party

  I decided a couple of months ago that I wanted a simple, family only birthday party for our bud this year.  As much as I enjoyed his 1st birthday party with friends I honestly did not have the time or energy for that this year.  With the job change and other things going on in our lives it was best to go to Meme's this year.  William's birthday also falls on a Tuesday this year which also made the decision to celebrate early a bit easier.
  I do not regret having the party at Meme's at all because my family did an excellent job.  Meme called several times asking what theme we wanted (Elmo) and if pizza was okay for lunch (of course).  All we did was show up with the birthday boy.  My aunts did the decorating and the cake was perfect.  William's favorite details were the Elmo cups and balloons.  Of course his Uncle David is his new best friend because he filled the cup up with water (no lid).  Which he then got to pour into the garbage can. not tell Meme.
  William was blessed with books, clothes, leap frog books, and some a lot of money to put towards his new swing set.  He did not care for the cake but not because not due to lack of tastiness; William does not really eat at all.  He did not rest one second the entire day so he ended falling asleep on the way home (second nap of the day).  I would say its safe to say birthdays are exhausting (but exciting) for little guys.

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