Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Big Boy Bed

  We had been discussing moving William to a "big boy bed" for some time now.  He was having trouble going to bed and waking early which we thought was due to the long naps at daycare.  I spoke with daycare and he is now napping about 30 minutes less each day.  However, William decided that he was not taking a nap this past Sunday (thanks 5 minute nap in the car) and he was going to get out of his crib.
  Rudy came downstairs and said, "Oh, by the way I think the bud can climb of his crib."  I then ran up there and sure enough he was throwing his legs over.  Then we had to decide on a toddler bed or just go ahead with a twin.  We went with the twin mainly because William is tall for his age and we do not want to buy another bed in about a year.
  Overall, he is doing great in his new bed.  It is more difficult getting him down because we can not leave him  or he will scoot out.  Hopefully with time William will learn the new bed still means bedtime.  He loves playing in his bed after bath time and I think he sees it as "fun" more than a place to sleep.

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