Friday, January 4, 2013

Changes in My Diet

  Let me start by saying I know I am a petite lady (woman, girl, whatevs) but I actually have to try to stay "small."  I am only 5'3 (with shoes) so even a pound shows and the one person who is kind enough to tell me:  Daddy.  Of course it is in the nicest possible way, "Those pants getting a little tight, huh?"  If you know my dad then he says it in the funniest way.  It makes me take a look at what I have been eating and weigh myself (first thing in the AM, very naked, and just peed).  I then hold back on the ole vending machine trips at work even when I am about to slap an idiot.
  However, once I get back to my "eat" weight I indulge in the vending machine snacks and the idiot does not get that slap.  I say, "heck yes" to the 5 dollar meal deal that the hubs would die for until I creep by my mirror (in all my nakedness) and my belly actually talks to me.  Really it is just bloated from the crap I eat: fast food, 100 cal snacks (not just one), lots of bagels and cereal.  But I walk at a seriously fast speed and my bud's only switch is ON.  I have decided the bod needs more protein and less sugary, processed, food that does not mold when dropped on the floor.  Yes, the cheeze-it my bud dropped like a month ago looks the same. 
  I will say my motto is, "moderation."  I understand life happens and you have to eat something that is "bad."  As of right now I am cutting out breads, cereals, and snacks like cheese crackers and oreos.  I have done sugar free fat free pudding instead (I crave sweets after meals).  Overall, I know I will not always have a high metabolism or I will stop weighing as often and I will gain weight.  So I am trying to start healthy habits that I hope will stick forever. 

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