Thursday, January 17, 2013

My New Job

  I have been a Collections Rep. for about 15 months now and have actually enjoyed it for the most part.  I have gained a great deal of real estate experience as well as made some good friends.  The best part of my job is when someone that truly needs assistance gets it and is current on their loan.  The worst part of my job is when people are incredibly rude to me and play the blame game.  I have been working very hard in my currrent role in hopes of making a career change within the company. 
  After trying to get a new position for several months I decided it was best not only for me but for my family to apply at other companies.  I applied for a Home Preservation Specialist over the holidays and within a couple of days I was extended an offer.  I had a phone interview, and after my face to face interview I received an offer through email.  The position is exactly what I want to do:  help people stay in their homes.  Like I said, I do not hate my job as a Collector but I know I can do more for the customer. 
  One of the biggest perks besides all of the incentives is I work 7-4 Monday-Friday!  Bam!  I am absolutely floored with this blessing.  I will be home with my friend in time to possibly cook a meal.  We will not be rushed in the evening and I can avoid some of Birmingham traffic (morning and evening).  I start in a couple of weeks and I did have to cancel my Maine trip.  In order to give an appropriate notice at my current company I had to work.  I have worked too hard to leave without a proper notice and I will start my new role without guilt. 
  I am already nervous about starting over but I know I will do well.  As long as the training program is up to par I will be a pro in no time.  I will also miss my friends I work with each and every day.  Every one of them has made an impact on my life and has taught me something I will never forget.  Hopefully the update on my career change will be a positive one; be on the look out! 

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