Tuesday, January 1, 2013

In a Box and A Meal Idea

William decided to sit in a bag my mother gave me.  It would be useful for groceries because it has flat, hard bottom but William feels differently.

I have been fighting William over meals for a while now.  I am over giving him the Gerber toddler meals because he only eats the ravioli ones and that is gross every day.  Soup seemed like a great idea because he gets veges but I was nervous about the broth.  So...

I heat up a can of soup (usually with noodles) and I drain it.  Then...

I pour in a PLASTIC bowl and pour some of the broth over it to keep it from tasting dry. 

**We would love William to eat what we do but with Rudy's late hours it does not happen.  We eat late and William is hungry after school so this works for us.  Not to mention we love spicy food and he can not have that.  I keep saying its a phase and he will be less picky one day as long as we keep putting healthy choices in front of him.  

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