Friday, January 11, 2013

First Tummy Virus for the Bud

This is how it went down...

  Budsy has had a tough week with going to bed too late and waking up extremely early.  We were getting frustrated, tired, and brainstorming what had changed.  On Wednesday night he threw up and we figured it was because he was being so restless in his crib.  Well, he did okay Thursday but was still having issues going to bed and woke up this AM around 5:30.  Eeks!!
  He also woke up screaming which is not normal at all and it took awhile for him to calm down.  Finally William started watching Mickey and began acting normal once again.  Not long after leaving Rudy calls me and said (nonchalantly) that he threw up.  Later on in the evening Rudy said it was a lot and he probably should not have gone to school.  Awesome!
  Rudy picked him up and needed sick supplies but with a vomiting bud I suggested he let me go after work.  Nah, he went and notice the pic of our friend...he puked all over my car less then 5 minutes after this...womp, womp.  Live and learn!  William vomited a couple of more times and Rudy handled it like a pro.  I missed every episode and I'm thankful because it would have broke my heart.  He seems to be better but not 100% bud yet.

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