Thursday, February 28, 2013

After Work and School

  Yesterday's weather was a bit warmer than usual (with the sunshine) so as soon as we got home we played outside.  As you can see in the pictures William can not wait to play in the water.  Last year he was a bit nervous around the sprinkler but I have a feeling this year will be completely different.
Every time we play outside he points to two houses because most of the time the women who live there are out working in the yard.  William likes to walk over and say, "hi" so when they are not out it takes a lot of convincing to keep him in our yard.

Just wait til the weather gets warmer...he can spray this himself.

Budsy will tap his little cheek...meaning he needs his phone and then he will do this (after dialing of course).  He takes his phone everywhere (copy Mom and Dad much son?).  

In the seat of his jeep.  When he gets in this and pushes the gas my mind starts racing.  I remember when I got my license, when Christopher got his, and I think to the future when the bud will take his test.  Eeks, I am not ready!  

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